January 4, 2024

The Top 5 Things You Can Do To Ensure A Successful Project

Project Management

Explore common hurdles and mitigation measures to seamless project execution.

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Champion Technology Services, Inc. understands that projects often come with headaches and unplanned surprises. That’s why our Project Management team is dedicated to delivering solutions on schedule, on budget, and without surprises. We’ll identify risks, determine how best to mitigate those risks, and keep an open dialogue with you through the process.

What makes a project successful?

  • Deliver the solution you need
  • Stay on schedule
  • Be done right
  • Stay on budget
  • …and be cognizant of any risks along the way — to deliver a robust solution as seamlessly as possible.

How can you facilitate that?

1. Clearly define project expectations.

Poorly defined projects almost always result in less than “ideal” execution. Be sure to specify exactly what is needed and set realistic expectations on delivery milestones.

Vague project expectations translate to delayed delivery of equipment, imprecise scheduling, and the need for change-orders: all of which affect your project’s bottom line.

Sometimes you may not know what you need, but you have a big-picture goal to achieve. That’s okay, too! Champion can offer more agile solutions you may want to consider. We can also help to narrow down your goals into smaller, manageable pieces with clear, actionable steps.

2. Review in detail any project proposals.

The proposal is the first step in achieving alignment between client and integrator. Here, a clear listing of requested (or recommended) deliverables to achieve a successful project is outlined. Review the full listing, ask questions if you need clarification, and ensure the deliverables match your expectations. If any items don’t align as expected, now is the time to discuss and have any modifications made to the proposal.

3. Review in detail the Functional Specifications.

The Functional Specification is the set of documents that outline your system’s design details. It explains how the system will work, what the graphics will be like, what the network will connect to, and more. This is where it is critical that you play an active role with your Project Manager.

Review all functional details to make sure they align with your needs and expectations. Once these documents are signed-off on, the system will be designed as outlined. That’s why its imperative that all stakeholders be in alignment to achieve successful delivery.

4. Keep an open dialogue with your Project Manager.

Transparency and regular communication is vital in the success of any project – not only for Project Managers, but also for you as a client. Communicate any alterations to the original project scope, timeline, or other factors which may affect the project execution.

5. Ask questions!

If you’ve ever had a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) not go as expected, chances are it wasn’t a positive experience. One of the primary gaps that prevents successful project execution is a lack of common understanding between Project Manager and client. Ask questions when you’re unclear on next steps or if you sense that something is going awry. The issue can be resolved before it’s too late.

Technology is always evolving, and the acronyms abound. While Champion’s professionals are experienced in a diverse set of industries, we know that you are the expert of your specific industry. Conversely, as industrial automation experts, we don’t expect our clients to know everything about the technology solution. Asking questions is the best way to ensure the alignment of your expectations with the delivery of your project!

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