24UP® Support Solutions

Champion knows how important production uptime is in any industry. That’s why we encourage our clients to take advantage of our 24UP® Support Solutions. Tailored to your specific needs, our solutions cover everything you need to achieve maximum uptime.

As a platform-independent integrator, Champion Technology Services, Inc. will make the best recommendations for your needs and goals. Clients benefit from a team of experts spanning virtually every industry and platform – whether you have a legacy system or the latest industry technology.

The strength of 24UP® Support Solutions is its flexibility to meet any facility's control needs. With Champion as your primary support solution provider, our 24UP team will ensure 24/7 coverage to achieve maximum uptime and help prevent the next critical maintenance call out.

Preventive Maintenance

Proactive, preventive maintenance helps protect your investment. Champion can provide a full control system analysis with informative reports highlighting any items that need attention, and provide the solution to address each issue.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster can strike at any time. Whether a full automatic backup system or scheduled backups with off-site storage, Champion can help minimize down time in the event of disaster – man-made or natural.

Control System Security Monitoring

Champion's Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors your control system for security risks with live-operator monitoring. We will alert you of any possible abnormalities or risks so they can be mitigated ASAP.

Procedure Development & Documentation

Consistency is key to success. That applies to your control system. Champion can ensure proper configuration, patches and backups are executed by best practice procedures.

Asset Management

Are you one part away from a shutdown? Let Champion manage your control system assets and parts inventory. We have a program that fits your needs to ensure you have the part you always need.

Cybersecurity Services

How safe and secure is your control system? Champion can perform a cybersecurity analysis and issue a report detailing any potential abnormalities or risk items including those that don't meet industry standards.

Remote Access

Champion = Trust. Using Industry Cybersecurity guidelines, Champion's GICSP certified personnel can provide services through remote access to help you maintain operation or get back up and running.

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