The Crucial Role of a Disaster Recovery Plan

Along the United States Coasts, Hurricane Season is a lengthy period of anxiety and uncertainty for many – especially if your industrial facility is tasked with achieving maximum production and uptime.

Disasters can strike at any time – but not all disasters are in the form of hurricanes, floods, or other natural phenomena. Let’s face it: equipment failures are inevitable; cyber attacks have become commonplace; human error is unavoidable. These are only a few ways your facility can be hurled into “Disaster Recovery Mode.” But, are you prepared?

There is a direct correlation between Preventive Maintenance and how quickly your operation can recover from any given disaster. Do you have up-to-date incident response procedures in place to get systems back online should they be compromised? Is your staff trained on those procedures? Do you have adequate spare parts for process-critical and at-risk components?

If you are unsure or responded, “no” to any of these questions, don’t worry – you aren’t the only one! But: How to change those answers with confidence, and not lose sleep at night? One way is to sit down with the  24UP® Solutions professionals at Champion Technology Services, Inc.

What is 24UP® Solutions?

24UP® Solutions is Champion’s solution led by the experts who have seen it all. They understand that no facility, industry, or Industrial Control System is exactly alike. Maybe you have an in-house department dedicated to the livelihood of your Operational Technology (lucky you!). Maybe you rely on support from a major equipment manufacturer. Maybe your industrial process consists of multiple systems and manufacturers working together to achieve your goals.

Regardless of the situation and your facility’s level of in-house expertise, Champion’s 24UP® Solutions professionals can make recommendations, develop procedures & training documentation for your site’s staff, provide routine hardware & system diagnostics, backups & imaging – everything you might need from a Preventive Maintenance angle to ensure the least amount of downtime when disaster strikes.

Our 24UP® Solutions are tailored to your specific needs. Whether simply providing you with the tools to be prepared, or being your one-stop “go to” for maintenance and 24/7 emergency support – we work with you to build a plan that fits.

Don’t have an OT cybersecurity expert on staff? Clients who take advantage of our 24UP® Solutions plans also have access to Champion’s Certified Cybersecurity Experts. Trained in the latest ISA/IEC 62443 standards for Cybersecurity, and holding GICSP certifications in current NIST standards, these experts can be leveraged to provide third-party (read: “unbiased”) system audits, identify and mitigate potential weaknesses, and maintain the latest protections against OT cybersecurity threats.

Find out if 24UP® Solutions is right for you. Schedule a free consultation today.

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