Has your facility taken steps to prevent unnecessary downtime?

You may have experienced it before:

  • Your operator experiences an abnormal situation that costs you production time, and your in-house staff is too busy to identify the REAL root cause.
  • Extended downtime because critical part of your control system fails but you don’t have a replacement.
  • You are striving for maximum uptime and production, but your control system is not allowing you to reach your goals.
  • Your control system reaches end-of-life and you can’t get support.

The list goes on…

How can you proactively address these issues while ensuring that your control system is not an impediment in reaching your goals?

Consider partnering with a solution provider who specializes in keeping your control system functioning as intended so your team can overcome today’s toughest challenges.

24UP® is Champion’s premier Industrial Control System, Operational Technology and Industrial Cybersecurity support solution led by the experts who have seen it all, supported by the company you’ve come to trust.  Clients rely on 24UP® support to ensure a proactive response to issues that often arise, but not often considered – or simply haven’t had the time to address.

Whether simply providing you with the tools to be prepared for unexpected challenges, or being your primary provider of maintenance and 24/7 emergency support – we work with you to tailor a plan that fits your needs and budget. Your company’s 24UP® support solution could include as few or as many of the services that help you achieve your goals, including:

  • PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE  such as routine Control System hardware and system diagnostics, backups and imaging, and other preventative maintenance services
  • ASSET MANAGEMENT  such as critical spare parts assessments, inventory and the services to replace the parts that keep you up at night
  • 24/7 SUPPORT  from for general maintenance or simply staff augmentation to provide reliability and flexibility
  • CYBERSECURITY MAINTENANCE  services such as scheduled audits to help identify your OT system vulnerabilities and implement solutions to protect you from the ever evolving cyber threats
  • PROCEDURE & DOCUMENTATION  to enable your team to perform simple control system maintenance while of formal training

Want to learn more?  Contact us with questions, or to receive a free consultation!

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Joshua Clemens