3 Ways to Mitigate Risk through Training

Are your operators prepared in the event of an abnormal process situation?

Do they know how to actively (and appropriately) respond to alarms?

Mitigate your facility’s risks by providing your operators with training opportunities that improve user confidence and decrease response time to abnormal situations, resulting in using your workforce’s time more effectively.

How, you ask? By empowering your operators by providing them hands-on experience with your specific control system in an isolated/controlled environment, simulating an array of abnormal scenarios that you can’t effectively achieve on-process – and doing so conveniently at your facility or one of Champion’s nearby locations.


Take a minute to imagine any or all “worst case” scenarios your facility could one day face – that if not handled properly could result in a Health & Safety event, equipment failure, or simply a loss of production. It sounds pretty ominous! But it doesn’t have to. Knowing what these situations are is the first step to mitigating risk and effectively responding – without hesitation and without panic.

Your scenarios typically don’t need to go so far as a “doomsday apocalypse” – often something as simple as a failed sensor or an unrecognized alarm could present risks with untrained personnel.

This is where Champion comes in – to create a “twin” of your control system and operating environment. In this simulated environment, we can introduce any number of scenarios, teaching first how to identify the risk and then how best to respond.


We’ve all done it from the comfort of our bed – “snoozing” that daily alarm for “just a few more minutes.” Regularly doing the same with control system alarms may be an indication you are due for an assessment by one of Champion’s Alarm Management specialists – but that is a topic for another day!

Training your personnel how to properly identify, evaluate, and respond to alarms and responding to abnormal situations in your facility is a big part of mitigating risks. Using the same example of your control system “twin,” Champion can effectively train users based on your process environment. Each possible abnormal scenario can be triggered in a no-risk environment – with users learning in each case how to respond to an abnormal situation in a timely or correct manner.


Training your workforce shouldn’t be a major undertaking – it should be a well-coordinated, preplanned, and efficient use of your personnel’s time. Champion values these goals for all clients, whether providing on-site training at your facility or at one of our strategically located facilities.

  • Do you have new personnel or a new facility?
  • Is your existing facility undergoing a control system upgrade?
  • Do your technical personnel want more flexibility to perform system updates and modifications?

There are plenty of scenarios in which your workforce may benefit from Champion-tailored training solutions for operators, maintenance, and technical personnel. Whether getting everyone up to speed on a new system, comparing changes between a legacy and new system, or learning how to stay agile in the onsite maintenance & updates your site might require.

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