Digital Transformation

Operational Technology (OT) is not a new innovation. It does, however, present an entirely different skill-set than those in the IT field. Champion has been on the forefront of Digital Transformation for two decades, so we are always evolving with client needs and the technology available at any given time.

With Champion’s Managed Services Offering, you benefit from cutting-edge monitoring and 24/7 support that is often unrivaled by traditional service providers. Our specialists use the latest available technologies and industry standards to achieve digital transformation for your facilities.

  • Industrial Cybersecurity

  • ICS Networks

  • Secure Remote Access

  • Managed Services

Industrial Cybersecurity

Many organizations implement cybersecurity procedures in response to experiencing an incident. Instead of waiting for an incident to occur, Champion helps clients to be proactive against common and targeted threats.

For our clients, it's important that their control systems are protected against cyber threats, whether to protect their intellectual property or to safeguard their production processes.

We also help our clients’ workforce understand how they can help eliminate threats by using smart, simple, and effective behavioral changes while working with the control system.

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Operational Technology

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