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Case Studies

Blog Articles

Software Update: Windows DCOM Changes
At A Glance  Distributed Component Object Model Remote Protocol (DCOM) is used for communication between applications running in a Windows[...]
Apache Log4j Vulnerability Quick Guide
What is the Apache Log4j Logging Service Vulnerability?Apache Log4j is one of the most popular web server logging utilities used[...]
3 Ways to Mitigate Risk through Training
Are your operators prepared in the event of an abnormal process situation?   Do they know how to actively (and[...]
Choosing the Right Control System for Your Facility
Is your control system approaching its end-of-life product lifecycle? Does your system rely on replacement parts that are increasingly harder[...]
Champion Celebrates 20 Years
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Champion Technology Services, Inc. is celebrating an incredible milestone:  20 years in business. What started out as[...]
Is Remote Access to Your Control System Safe?
Anytime a new conduit to an ICS network is created – especially one which transits the internet – there is[...]
The Top 5 Differences Between IT and OT
While everyone is familiar with the term “IT” (Information Technology), the term “OT” (Operational Technology) is far less familiar to[...]
3 Reasons an “Air Gap” is Not Good Enough
Is an Air-Gap “Good Enough” to keep your Industrial Control System secure?  Short answer:  No. And here’s why... “Security by[...]
Has your facility taken steps to prevent unnecessary downtime?
You may have experienced it before: Your operator experiences an abnormal situation that costs you production time, and your in-house[...]
Do you have cost effective support for your multivendor install base?
Is your industrial control system comprised of multiple manufacturers or platforms?  Do you know which service team to call when[...]
The Top 3 Benefits of a Third-Party Cybersecurity Assessment
Most companies are not compliant with mandatory industry or governmental guidance and regulations relating to their cybersecurity practices. In fact,[...]
Safe and Sound Delivery
Your control system is only as secure as your files. Moving data is imperative to a successful business. Whether it’s[...]
Microsoft Support for Windows 7 and Server 2008 Has Ended
What does this mean for industrial users? Is your facility using Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 for its industrial[...]
Humans: A Weak Link in Network Security
Have you noticed in recent years, the topic of Cybersecurity has become increasingly popular? A number of studies have found[...]
Why Industrial Professionals Make Preventive Maintenance an Integral Part of Their Disaster Recovery Plan
Along the United States Coasts, Hurricane Season is a lengthy period of anxiety and uncertainty for many – especially if[...]
The Hidden Costs of Your Legacy Systems
“My old control system is still hanging in there. How can I justify a costly replacement to management?”This is an[...]
Staying Compliant With Your Safety Systems: Are You Taking the Best Approach?
The Process Safety Life Cycle and ANSI/ISA 61511/IEC 61511:  An OverviewChampion Technology Services, Inc. understands the challenges plant managers face complying[...]
The Top 5 Things You Can Do To Ensure A Successful Project
Champion Technology Services, Inc. understands that projects often come with headaches and unplanned surprises.  That’s why our Project Management team is[...]
Don’t Hire a System Integrator — Until You Answer These 3 Questions
You’re considering hiring a System Integrator for your company’s automation processes. But, where to begin? Aren’t all integrators alike? Not really. Below are[...]
The Top 5 ICS Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities
1. BOUNDARY PROTECTION Why is this important? The boundary under consideration is the electronic division between the industrial control system[...]
Champion Technology Services, Inc. Announces Business Partnership with exida
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  |  May 8, 2017exida, a global supplier of functional safety products, services and certifications is pleased to[...]