Gary Hamer

Chief Executive Officer

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As one of Champion’s original founders, Gary’s background in systems integration and multiple control system platforms -- and his mission to provide high-quality solutions and unsurpassed customer service -- laid the foundation for the company to grow into one of the largest independent integrators in the country. For over a decade, Gary ensured this achievement by partnering with individuals who shared his vision: “Smart, steady, sustainable growth.”

Gary’s efforts and initiatives enabled Champion to grow from a two-person crew based in Baton Rouge, LA, to an experienced systems integrator with numerous offices across the Gulf Coast and Rockies. With over 130 employees, Champion holds project experience in nearly all 50 states.

One of Gary’s goals as CEO is the successful implementation of Champion’s vision and mission. As a result of Gary’s leadership, Champion provides an environment where employees feel empowered and encouraged to develop innovative technology-based solutions for customers, grow effective collaborative relationships, and actively contribute to the overall success of each project and task.

Gary earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana State University in 1996. He leverages over 20 years of experience across an array of control system platforms to drive company-wide technological initiatives.

"When we started Champion Technology Services, Inc. back in 2000 we chose the name to express to the world, that our company would provide the best possible services to help people solve their technology challenges. We've held true to our name by developing a team of the best and brightest professionals who are truly dedicated to the service of our customers. I'm proud in what Champion has accomplished in the past and all the solutions our team has provided over the years, but I'm even more excited to see what our Champions will do in the future. When you choose Champion for your project, you can be sure you'll get winning results!"

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