Disaster Recovery

Accelerate Your Resilience

The proliferation of novel cyber threats paired with the increasing complexity of technology make a Disaster Recovery plan vital for business continuity. Our risk-based approach to Disaster Recovery safeguards your most critical assets and maximizes your investment.


Experience in modern and legacy systems and a proven methodology ensure cost-effective, seamless integration of the best-available technology

Comprehensive Approach

Experts who understand the risks of the OT environment and enterprise-level network architecture eliminate the IT/OT knowledge gap

Agile Scalability

Tailored solutions and a risk-based approach address your system’s unique needs today and evolve to answer the challenges of tomorrow

Design and Deliver

One provider with continuity from consultation and design to implementation, maximizes value and streamlines the solution

Disaster Recovery SOLUTIONS


  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Asset Backup/Verification


  • Incident Response
  • Remediations

24UP® Solutions

Empower your organization to achieve resilience today and scale for tomorrow.

We understand the challenges that industrial organizations face today: talent scarcity, system complexity, cyber threats, and more. That's why we provide 24UP®– a versatile suite of solutions that combines our OT expertise with an extensive knowledge of enterprise-level IT.

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