Asset Management

Enhance Security and Maximize Productivity

Operational Technology Asset Management (OTAM) is foundational to minimizing risk with today's increasingly complex systems and evolving cyber threats. Maximize your productivity by leveraging a scalable and secure solution.


Risk-based OTAM enables your preventive remediation solutions to minimize HS&E impacts


Benchmark your critical assets, track historical changes to identify and mitigate risks, utilizing the expertise of OT environment experts who understand IT

Agile Response

Leverage strategic insights and our expert team to minimize your Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

asset management SOLUTIONS


  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Asset Data Collection


  • System Health Diagnostics
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Spare Parts Management 


  • Asset Inventory
  • Incident Detection and Response

24UP® Solutions

Empower your organization to achieve resilience today and scale for tomorrow.

We understand the challenges that industrial organizations face today: talent scarcity, system complexity, cyber threats, and more. That's why we provide 24UP®– a versatile suite of solutions that combines our OT expertise with an extensive knowledge of enterprise-level IT.

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