Industrial Control Systems

Investing in an Industrial Control System is a major decision, not to mention a major investment. When our clients decide that it's the right time to move toward automating their manual processes or making their existing control system even better, they trust Champion to plan, execute, and commission the project.

Implementing the most appropriate and reliable ICS solution is Champion’s number one priority. Our clients know that when they work with Champion, they will receive a platform-independent solution that yields the highest return on their investment. We understand the industries, the platforms, and the various processes that make your business unique.

With Champion’s proven approach, our clients scale their systems as they grow, making their Industrial Control System investment viable for many years by increasing reliability and performance, maximizing production and reducing maintenance costs.

With expertise in all Industrial Control Systems, our experts provide the best solution for your needs.

  • System Design & Configuration

  • Project Management

  • Control System Evaluation

  • Conceptual Control Scheme Design

  • Alarm Management

  • Training

  • Panel Design & Fabrication

System Design & Configuration

When it comes to system design, like many things, for optimum results, you first need a solid plan. That's where Champion makes the difference.

Champion takes a holistic approach to designing your system. Whether your project is an idea for a Green Field (Initial) system or Brown Field (Upgrade New or Existing) system – our design expertise, multi-platform experience and exposure to diverse industries ensures your new system delivers.

A control system is more than hardware and software. Champion works with clients to determine your end goals and expectations. Our automation engineering professionals - with broad experience across industries and platforms – establish the system requirements (sizing/scale), specify the architecture, institute best practices of installation and configuration, and detail the Bill of Materials. Our detailed Project Execution Methodology, which aligns with the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) globally-recognized standards, ensures successful implementation.

Since Champion partners with multiple manufacturers, we have access to all the resources that they provide. We can guarantee the most up-to-date resources for your system.

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