ICS Network Design & Cybersecurity

Many organizations implement cybersecurity procedures after it's too late or after experiencing an attack. Instead of waiting for an incident to occur, Champion helps clients to be proactive against common and targeted threats. For our clients, it's important that their control systems are protected against cyber threats, whether to protect their intellectual property or to safeguard their production processes. But we also help our clients’ workforces understand how they can help to eliminate threats by using smart, simple, and effective behavioral changes while working with the system.
Champion's specialists follow the latest network design approaches, use the latest available technology, and help our clients to implement best practices that protect against threats targeting industrial control systems.
Our clients trust Champion to ASSESS, IMPLEMENT, and MAINTAIN their networks using ISA/IEC 62443 standards (formerly ISA99) for cybersecurity. Champion's Industrial Control System (ICS) network design and cybersecurity approach is designed to allow our clients total ownership of their cybersecurity protocols. Project stakeholders work with our experts to establish goals, risk tolerances, safeguards, and procedures that are designed to reduce their control system's vulnerability to both malicious and unintentional threats from outsiders and from within the organization itself.


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