Maintenance services provided by Champion include disaster recovery plans, system documentation, hardware maintenance, and system support.

Disaster Recovery Plans

A disaster recovery plan is one of the best ways to plan for the worst. When it comes to control systems, three important components need a backup plan—logic, hardware, and interconnections.

  • Logic – A quality disaster recovery plan includes a strategy to recover from lost logic or configuration which usually involves periodic backups.
  • Hardware – The plan should also include spare parts required to recover from failed hardware.
  • Interconnections – Documentation of physical interconnections is also vital to be prepared for recovery from fire or other damaging event.

Champion can provide maintenance services to create a detailed disaster recovery plan to ensure your system bounces back as quickly as possible after a catastrophe.

System Documentation

When Champion supports a project completely from start to finish, system documentation will address the configuration and layout. However, often times Champion takes over automation support of systems with little to no documentation or backups. In this case, one of the maintenance solutions Champion can provide is to completely document and backup the existing system and schedule and perform periodic backups.

Hardware Maintenance

For hardware maintenance purposes, Champion can develop a recommended spare parts list. Additionally, Champion offers repair and troubleshooting services to maintain products throughout their lifecycle and ensure the automation system investments are maximized.

System Support

Champion also offers service agreements and maintenance blankets to provide our customers with peace of mind that experienced automation experts will provide routine maintenance and/or support in case of an emergency. Onsite and remote support are available to keep your system reliable. Additionally, as our staff is well-versed in almost every major control system, we can help support your existing system and implement changes for your individual management of change.