Upgrading your company’s legacy systems is a major decision, not to mention a major investment. Migrating from one platform to another adds multiple levels of complexity.

As a platform-independent integrator, Champion Technology Services provides complete legacy migration for all control platforms, bringing your control system into the future and providing room for upgrades so that your company can leverage the most advanced technology available on the market right now and for years to come. This forward-thinking approach allows you to expand your system as you need to and makes your investment viable for decades, reducing maintenance costs, increasing performance, and maximizing production.

When you work with Champion to migrate your control system, you get a team that not only understands your industry and your system’s platform, you get a team that provides the most efficient migration strategy that makes sense for your business. If your legacy system has outlived its manufacturer’s support window, or you’re looking to standardize the platform your company uses, Champion will work with you to develop a plan that both meets your budget and schedule, but also ensures that you receive a state-of-the-art control system that meets your company’s needs.

Champion’s approach to legacy migration relies on heavy up-front system assessments, detailed planning, thorough testing, and ongoing support.

We’ve completed the following legacy migrations:

Siemens • S5
• APACS+ (Moore)
• TI-505 (Texas Instruments)
Allen-Bradley • PLC2
• PLC3
• PLC5
• ProcessLogix
Honeywell • TDC-2000/3000
• SCAN 3000
• Plantscape
Emerson • Rosemount RS3
• Rosemount Provox
Foxboro • Foxboro I/A
Schneider Electric • Modicon 484
• Modicon 984
• Modicon Compact
• SQD Symax
Westinghouse • Westinghouse PLCs
GE • GE 90-30
• GE 90-70
Toshiba • Toshiba PLCs
ABB • Bailey Infi 90