Control & Electrical Panel Design & Fabrication

When it comes to designing and fabricating control panels that meet the needs of your unique control system and production environment, you want to know that any investment you make meets your expectations. 

Champion clients rely on our design experts who manage our two UL-certified panel shops in Salt Lake City, UT and Lake Charles, LA, to provide customized, turn-key panel design, fabrication, and testing services for their control system investments. Our staff is capable of providing a range of control panels, from those that will be installed indoors in controlled environments to those that must withstand highly volatile areas. Our facilities are UL-certified to produce panels that meet UL 508A standards for general industrial use and control panels that meet UL 1203 and UL 698A listings for hazardous locations. That's why Champion's hand-built, high-quality panels have been installed in hundreds of locations nation-wide. 

While most clients take advantage of our full turn-key design and fabrication, others choose Champion for build-to-print services on already-developed enclosure designs. If necessary, our experts review submitted designs and discuss possible improvements that could be made to save labor and material costs while maintaining the quality and integrity of the design. For clients who require many identical panels, Champion accommodates bulk panel orders for various industries, including petrochemicals, mining, oil and gas, and others. 

When your panels are complete and tested, our team carefully packs and ships them to client-designated locations -- often warehouses, sub-contractors, or final project destinations.


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